Sawdust City Juicin New England Style IPA (473ml)

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Sawdust City Brewing Company is dedicated to the art and science of creating exceptional craft beer. Brewmaster, Sam Corbeil, and his talented team create award-winning beers that expand the borders of traditional flavour profiles. These are all-natural made with only the finest ingredients.

Tasting Notes

This New England style IPA is a hop lovers dream. Loaded with aromas of tropical and stone fruit, it’s impossibly hazy body is soft, mellow and a perfect pallet for even more hops. Brewed with a high portion of oats to give a soft, creamy body. And fermented with Escarpment Labs Vermont Ale strain to accentuate the hops, Juicin’ drinks like…well, it drinks like juice! If you like hops, and we know you do, you’re going to love Juicin’.

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