Serpent – Long Lake Pilsner (473ml)

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    Lager Learn More

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    Gold Beer

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    Czech PilsnerCzech Saaz hop is used here; known for higher bittering acids, and intense floral aromas with lots of pepper. Learn More

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    Nova Scotia

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Spryfields first craft brewery – Serpent opened their doors in the Fall of 2020. Long time home brewer Glen O’Keefe has always had a deep appreciation for Belgian beer, notably the crazy and complex yeast strains used in many Belgian beers. Serpent brewery focuses on Belgian-inspired ales, and now has a taproom, and patio. Production is small, with the hopes to expand organically. We are very happy to have them on our shelves!

Tasting Notes

Long Lake Pils in a refined, smooth and refreshing lager with aromas of freshly baked sourdough, subtle honey notes, followed with herbal and peppery hop notes that are in perfect balance. The mouthfeel is light and sees moderate carbonation that leads to a dry, snappy finish.


Czech Pilsner is the original version of the style – In comparison to a German Pils it should have a richer mouthfeel and an almost creamy carbonation. Hop character is noticeable but subtle. The Czech Saaz hop is used, known for higher bittering acids, and intense floral aromas with lots of pepper. 

Serpent used a base malt bill of 95% pilsner malt with a touch of crystal malt for a pale beer with some body. Just a dash of bittering hops early on with a German lager yeast (from Church brewing!) that allows for a very clean, albeit slightly fruity fermentation. The beer was lagered for 4 weeks to achieve an ultra smooth profile.

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