Sourwood Cider – Sour City (473ml)

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    Nova Scotia

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Sourwood Cider makes bone dry, sometimes tart, unfiltered ciders. Based in Halifax while currently working on relocating to their Farm in Petite Riviere – they source fresh-pressed juice from local apples grown in the Annapolis Valley. Sourwood works with wild and alternative yeasts, and focuses on creating unique flavour profiles. They are currently experimenting with ciders aged on fruit, and are starting to release wine/grape co-ferments.

Tasting Notes

This is crisp and refreshing beverage with lively aromatics of citrus, apple, floral notes, and a subtle funky and tart profile keeping you interested and coming back for more. 

Sour City is a completely dry, unfiltered cider that’s been inoculated with sour bacteria and then dry hopped to give bright citrus aromas and flavours. Dry hopping is a simple process where hop pellets are added later in the production solely to provide aromatic properties, usually of citrus and herbal qualities. The hops don’t add any sort of bitterness, just aroma and some flavour.


Sour City is made with 100% Nova Scotian Apples. The yeast is pitched at a warmer temperature to encourage juicy esters and characteristics using a blend of Saison and Champagne strains. Produced as Sourwood’s consistent offering, there has been a lot of success with this product. Using only fresh pressed juice from the Annapolis valley. This is force carbonated unlike their Pet-Nats.

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