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Stillwell Brewing – Kompakt Kolsch (473ml)

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    Ale Learn More

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    Gold Beer

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    Nova Scotia

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From the folks behind arguably one of the city’s best beer bars, brewing and packaging at their new facility on Kempt Rd., Stillwell Brewing made its name fermenting and blending traditional oak-aged farmhouse ales but recently has focused its efforts on crafting staple styles for the home market, beers like Pils, Bitter and Kölsch. Top notch lagers and ales to enjoy with friends, or hog to yourself.

Tasting Notes

Kompakt Kölsch is Stillwell’s homage to Köln, Germany’s great lagered ale. Using only traditional ingredients and techniques, Kompakt is Stillwell’s easiest drinking beer, perfect for the beach, post-lawn mowing, or in a pub with a meal. Noble hops on the nose present an herbal, floral character while the malt shows light cracker and honey notes. A naturally carbonated mouthfeel makes the beer very soft and refreshing.

4.8% abv


Stillwell makes Kölsch the same way it makes all of its beers: traditionally. This includes capturing natural carbonation in the cellar to provide beautiful, lasting foam, and decocting the mash on the brewhouse, further adding to the beer’s taste and texture.

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