Stillwell Leon (750ml)

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    Mixed Fermentation Beer

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    Ale Learn More

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    Nova Scotia

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From the folks behind arguably one of the city’s best beer bars, brewing out of the old Propeller brewery on Gottingen st. Stillwell brewing whips up mixed fermentation, usually barrel aged and blended Belgian styles along with some of the crispiest pilsners in the province. Top notch beers to enjoy with friends, or hog to yourself.

Tasting Notes

Not as intensely sour as some wild fermentation beers can be – grape ales tend to be a little softer on the acidity side, in favour of showcasing some of the more nuanced aromas and flavours that come natural from the grape must. Coming in just under 5%– for maximum quaff-factor, this beer is dry, aromatic, complex… and oh so drinkable.


Leon is a Saison that was made with Léon Millot and NY Muscat grapeskins, both from Blomidon Estate Winery.  The brewers then selected 3 neutral ex-wine barrels to age on a large amount of grape pomace, let it macerate for about 5 months, tasted it, then blended some fresh saison with it to get it where it is now.  

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