Upstreet Brewing De Novo Farmhouse Saison (750ml)

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Since 2006 Hogie has been brewing beer and his homebrews became something of local legend on Prince Edward Island. Years later, a group of friends got together and decided to turn this crazy passion for brewing into a business and so began Uptreet Brewing.

Tasting Notes

De Novo II is a hand-bottled farmhouse saison, a special Belgian style beer with no two alike. Known for its complex flavours with a dry finish, and ours is no exception. It is made from a simple ingredient list of Maritime malt, a sacch and brett yeast blend from a lab in Ontario and New Brunswick Goldings hops. These contribute light candy and funky flavours, with just enough bitterness and hops. Over time, the brett will continue to consume the remaining sugars, making the beer even more dry and funky.

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