Champagne Lassalle Brut Preference 1er Cru
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    • France
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    • Rich and Full
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The Lassalle Champagne House was established in the village of Chigny-Les-Roses on the Montagne de Reims in 1942. Their Champagnes are elegant, tightly knit and structured.

When the patriarch Jules Lassalle passed away in 1982 his wife, Olga, and their daughter, Chantal Decelle-Lassalle, took over the estate. In 2006 Chantal’s daughter, Angéline Templier, joined the estate as winemaker and the tradition of “une femme, un esprit, un style” (one woman, one spirit, one style) continues today.

In the 1970s, Kermit Lynch was the first to begin importing artisanal, grower Champagne and the Lassalles have been in the KLWM portfolio longer than anyone.


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Champagne Lassalle Brut Preference 1er Cru