Clos La Coutale Cahors
  • Type
    • Red Encompassing a wide range of styles and full of colour and flavour- red wines belong in any wine rack! Learn More »
  • Grape Variety
    • Malbec
  • Country
    • France
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    • Bold and Full These are the complex reds that mature in barrel for a year or more before release, gaining structure and complexity to further evolve in the bottle. Learn More »
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    • BBQ BBQ refers to food that has been cooked over some kind of grill and now contains the charred, smoky notes of the grill. This style of cooking requires a wine pairing that will stand up to and complement those big flavours. Learn More »
    • Cheese Most cheeses are rich, flavourful and fatty which can be difficult qualities to balance out with wine. Difficult but not impossible and the best pairings make it all worthwhile! Learn More »
    • Red Meat Pair red meats with wines that have enough body and tannin to cut through the fat and big textured flavours. Learn More »
Clos La Coutale, a 60 hectares estate, spreads over a stretch of land on the alluvial floor of the valley amid the meanders of the river Lot. It's soil is particularly suitable for vines, for it contains gravel, silicates and limestone clays. Because of the lie of the land, facing south-west, the estate is sheltered from the cold winds that blow from the "Causse" region (an upland plateau), and consequently it enjoys a micro-climate which ensures that the vines and their fruit ripen fully early in the season. Their Cahors is made up of Malbec, locally known as "Cot" and Merlot. Malbec accounts for 80% of the blend; their thick skin, deep pigment and tannins contribute to the wine's ageability. The other 20% is Merlot that softens Malbec's harsh edges and improves the bouquet.

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Clos La Coutale Cahors