Diochon Moulin-A-Vent
  • Type
    • Red Encompassing a wide range of styles and full of colour and flavour- red wines belong in any wine rack! Learn More »
  • Grape Variety
    • Gamay This grape is best enjoyed young, where its soft tannins and refreshing acidity complement light fare. Learn More »
  • Country
    • France
  • Style
    • Smooth and Medium This elegant style is usually associated with wines growing in regions where their balance of fruit, acidity and tannin allows them to be known as quintessential food wines. Learn More »
  • Food Pairing
    • Charcuterie There are many flavours and textures on a typical charcuterie plate, many of which will throw off the balance of a low acid wine and make it taste sour. Your best bet is to partner wines that are cheap, cheerful and versatile. Learn More »
    • Pork While nutritionists consider pork to be "red meat", for the purposes of wine pairing we still categorize pork to be the "other white meat" due to lighter wine styles that can be showcased with pork dishes. Learn More »
    • Poultry The term Poultry refers to domesticated birds raised and kept for human consumption. This includes chicken, turkey, quail, squab, domestic duck and domestic goose. Learn More »
Moulin-a-Vent is one of the most famous and longest lived of the Crus Beaujolais. Domaine Diochon has been making Beaujolais in the traditional manner since 1935; whole-cluster fermentation, ageing in large oak foudres and bottling unfiltered in Springtime. Diochon’s house style is one that is juicy with ripe fruit, structure and richness.

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Diochon Moulin-A-Vent