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Craft Beer 101: Seasonal Winter Beer Cheat Sheet

It’s no secret that beer has a long history of being brewed in regions of the world where the weather is harsh and nutritious grains are grown to sustain people through long, cold winters.

Here in Nova Scotia, a thick and creamy dark beer on a winter’s day is just one of those simple pleasures that can help make these long, dark days a little brighter. While we usually think of porters and stouts this time of year, there’s no doubt we’re just looking for anything strong and full of flavour to warm us from the inside out.

Have no fear, seasonal beers are here! Often referred to as “Winter Warmers” these special brews are characterized by fuller bodied beers with stronger flavour profiles. This is due to higher alcohol, maltier recipes and often the addition of comforting, seasonal spices.

We’ve got an ever-expanding selection of seasonal brews for sale in our shop and online. Below are a few to try before Spring (finally!) makes her appearance in our corner of the world.



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