Music & Wine Pairings

Chalk it up to sensory development, but our staff love music AND wine. For tonight’s event, we’re asking our staff to come up with their favourite wine and music pairings. This is an event for your ears AND your tastebuds.

Join us for a fun and unique in store tasting as we sample the best music and wine pairings our staff dream up. As always, we’ll provide tasty snacks from a local caterer to go along with the wines.

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Events & Tastings

A Taste of Tidal Bay…and more!

The soil and weather in Nova Scotia are ideal for producing the grapes that result in our character-rich and award-winning wines. Nova Scotia is home to more than 16 wineries and vineyards, each committed to creating something wonderful here in NS.
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Oh Canada Wines

“This land is your land, this land is my land,  From Bonavista to Vancouver Island; From the Arctic Circle to the Great Lakes waters,            This land was made for you and me.”
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