Dinner with Howard Rossbach at Eliot & Vine

Join the fine folks at Eliot & Vine for an Evening with Howard Rossbach, an intimate experience with the engaging storyteller and founder of Firesteed Cellars

Tickets: $95 + tax & gratuity. To reserve your spot contact Eliot & Vine: ev@ocean.ca or 902.332.1557


RECEPTION: Itynera Prosecco with Snacks. Snow crab in nasturtium. Bottarga cream with chicken skin. Lacto grape and ricotta tarte.

FIRST: Ballard Road Pinot Gris with grilled mackerel, preserved heirloom tomato, new harvest cabbage & queso fresco. Read More »

Events & Tastings

Vino Paradiso: The Wines of Southern Italy

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Viva Italia: The Wines of Northern Italy

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Staff Wish List Tasting 2017

If you were given free range to pick any wine in the shop, what would you pick?  That’s the question we pose to each staff member and the result is a tasting that you do not want to miss!
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