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Bourbon. Scotch. Gin. Tequila.

Whether a fine single malt enjoyed on the rocks or a refreshing gin in a classic martini, the world of spirits is broad and diverse. At Bishop’s Cellar, our team takes great pride in scouring the globe to bring you unique, hand-crafted, artisanal spirits.

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Gin is the key ingredient to many classic and modern cocktails- from local to import, we’ve got the perfect Gin for your next cocktail creation! You'll find our selection here at Bishop’s Cellar goes beyond the classic, juniper-dominant profile, offering fresh botanicals such as cucumber, citrus, florals and spices. Look for craft distilleries and award-winning styles on our shelves.

An Italian "digestif" is traditionally enjoyed after dinner. From amari to other herbal liqueurs, we've got the liqueur for your next cocktail or deck drink.


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