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Kate Fraser

Customer Service Sales Associate

Kate has achieved WSET Level 3, Court of Master Sommeliers’ Introduction to Certified Sommelier, and through the Edinburgh Whisky Academy, has obtained a Certificate in Scotch Whisky + Certificate in Gin. Joining Bishop’s Cellar in 2019 Kate brings expertise in all things wine and spirits. Next time you are in the shop feel free to strike up a conversation about anything scotch or spirits related, Kate is always up for a chat!

Favourite grape or wine region?

Syrah, specifically: British Columbia or Northern Rhone. And I’m passionate about all things fortified.

What song would you pick for karaoke?

Power of Love by Queen Celine.

Are you a dog or cat person? Or maybe neither. Maybe you have birds or turtles or an ant farm?

Heavily subscribed to cat culture.

Kate Fraser's Picks

Astrological Sign: Capricorn

Capricorns are masters of discipline, and that’s exactly what you need in order to reap the benefits of this age worthy Chenin Blanc.

Le Mont Vouvray comes from the Loire Valley, France and is done in a demi-sec style, meaning it is slightly off-dry but has ripping acidity to give it harmonious balance. These two qualities also give it the structure to last. Throw this wine in your cellar and forget about it for a decade and you’ll see how, just like a Capricorn, Chenin Blanc is good at whatever it tries to do 😉

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