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Kate Fraser

Retail Staff

Friendly and focused, Kate brings her knowledge, drive and experience to her work in our retail shop. Day-to-day, she works to ensure customers learn about what we have on our shelves and making recommendations so customers can experience new products.

Kate joined our team in September 2019, after years in the restaurant and private liquor store industries. She says she loves the wine because it is the kind of subject where the more you know, the less you know. She loves the challenge of constantly learning more and improving her palate. 

When she’s not working, you’ll find Kate chasing her toddler and doing things she loves like fishing, cooking, and skeet shooting. Her favourite wine in the shop right now? “Northern Rhone. All day, everyday.”


Kate is WSET Level 3 certified and plans to go for the diploma next.

Kate Fraser's Picks

Sherry has long been cast to the backburner and seen only as a drink for old ladies, when it should be at the forefront being enjoyed by all for the experience beyond any other it can provide. Expressive and distinctive, Sherry comes from the Jerez (hare-eth) region in southwest Spain and is a fortified wine that has been slowly and carefully oxidized into seven different styles.

Cream sherry must be one of the most misunderstood beverages in the world.. It has no dairy in it…so where did the name come from? Originally marketed for British export, a basic style of sherry was referred to as “Bristol’s Milk” and…If legends are true, it is said a woman attending a tasting of these sherries sampled the cream sherry offered and stated “If that is milk, then this is cream”

Cream sherry is created by sweetening an Oloroso by adding Pedro Ximenez, creating an elegant, layered style of wine with notes of chocolate, licorice, roasted nuts and orange citrus. Delicious on its own and perfect for the fall, it can also be crafted into some fine cocktails.

93 Points- Kate Fraser

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