Kathryn Harding

If you step into our retail store, there is a pretty good chance you’ll find Kathryn creating amazing wine experiences for our Bishop’s Cellar customers. As retail manager, her day-to-day work includes creating opportunities for wine education, developing pairings, strategizing for the store’s future, and planning upcoming wine tastings.

Kathryn became interested in wine while she was working in the restaurant and bar industry during university. After a trip to Australia and exploring more wines abroad, she decided to enroll in the Sommelier program. With 5 years at Bishop’s Cellar, Kathryn loves that she’s still meeting new people and constantly learning new things about wine.

Beyond the store Kathryn enjoys spending time with her friends and family, while pursuing her second passion of staying fit and healthy.


Kathryn is a CAPS-certified Sommelier.