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Gaby McCotter

Retail Manager

Gaby joined our team at Bishop’s Cellar in 2021, having worked with us previously before; signing on to be our Retail Manager and coming with 10+ years in the alcohol and beverage industry in both Ontario and Nova Scotia, Gaby brings passion to everything local (especially bubbles!) and works closely with our Retail Team to ensure customers receive excellent customer service and experiences while shopping in our Lower Water St. location. A self-proclaimed dog lover (dog Mom to Elvis and Memphis), Gaby is currently enrolled in the CAPS Certified Sommelier program, has achieved WSET Level 2, and has taken numerous online wine courses and classes, further cementing that drive and passion for our beloved industry.

Favourite grape or wine region?

Champagne! But anywhere that makes delicious sparkling wines as well!

Share something personal; what’s your favourite book, movie or song?

A Knight’s Tale, but there’s lots of movies I love watching over and over which drives my husband nuts!

If you weren’t selling wine at Bishop’s Cellar, what would you be doing?

Traveling and visiting all the wine countries I could- provided I’ve won the lottery and don’t have to actually work. If not, then still being a part of the alcohol beverage industry somehow.

Gaby McCotter's Picks

Traversing the beautiful southern tip of Ireland from East to West and back for 40 years on foot, with horse and buggy or by train, Paddy was always on the move. From coast to coast, he was the life of the party—one filled with music, laughter, good times and great whiskey. Everyone simply ordered more Paddy whiskey. Word got around, and not just in Ireland. Today, from continent to continent, the tradition Paddy started is alive and well.

Nose- malty, woody, hints of spice, honey, and vanilla. The taste has notes of nuts and charred wood. The gentle fading of sweetness and lingering of mild woody malt is the flavour left in the mouth.

An Irish sour, Irish mule or a delightful Irish coffee can all be enjoyed with Paddy’s Irish Whiskey. Seeing as it’s March and well St. Patrick’s Day is around the corner. My favourite is a combo of all things Irish. Enjoy all month long!

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