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Ryan Almeida

Retail Staff

Ryan joined our team in-store back in June of 2017.  On an average day, you’ll find him stocking shelves with new product, helping customers find the right product for them and learning as much as he can about the products in our shop. He’s very pro-education when it comes to the business of wine, beer and spirits and he wants to learn as much as he can!

Ryan enjoys cooking, pledging his allegiance to Toronto sports teams (for better or for worse, but mostly, for worse he says) and he’s passionate about music, with an extensive record collection featuring blues, rock, jazz and country music.

If he’s not drinking a Saison, you’ll find him sipping on fresh, acidic reds like Gamay and Cabernet Franc. Also, the more bubbles the better! Benjamin Bridge and Lightfoot & Wolfville are two  of Ryan’s favourite local sparkling wine producers.

CERTIFICATIONS: Ryan has his WSET Level 1 & 2 certifications.

Ryan Almeida's Picks

Cachaça (ka-sha-sah) dates as far back as the 16th century when Portugal moved its sugar production from the island of Madeira to Brazil. Made from sugarcane, the stalks are pressed, and the juices are fermented with wild yeast, producing a sugarcane wine (9%-11% abv). The wine is distilled in a copper pot still and rests for 12 months in stainless steel; producing a spirit that has notes of tropical fruits, grass, and citrus, making it perfect for Brazil’s national cocktail – the Caipirinha.

Novo Fogo operates a zero waste, carbon-negative distillery (they also have a reforestation project called The Un-Endangered Forest in which they are planting several threatened native tree species) in the town of Morretes, growing certified organic sugarcane, and processing everything minimally, in small batches (130L each).

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