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Allie Barter

Customer Service Sales Associate

Allie is currently attending Saint Mary’s University and was previously a loyal customer to Bishop’s Cellar before joining our team in 2022. Allie is new to wine but is eager to learn and demonstrates that thirst for knowledge – and sweet drinks!

Favourite grape or wine region?


What song would you pick for karaoke?

I Want it That Way by the Backstreet Boys.

Anything else you want to add?

I am the Athletic Representative for the Board of Directors for Metro West Force Female Association (Hockey).


Allie Barter's Picks

Astrological Sign: Pisces

Rose is the middle ground when it comes to bringing white and red wine lovers together. It varies in many of its characteristics and is simple enough that an array of people enjoy it. Many times people are hesitant to try rose, but once they do they can’t get enough. 

A pisces fits such a description to the tee. We are gentle natured, sweet, and simple. Those characteristics are what make us such crowd pleasers and leave people charmed.

Cave Spring Rose to me screams pisces. It is the perfect medium body that will please all wine lovers and leave them charmed. It is dry but comes off with a subtle sweetness because of the amazing fruit at the front, giving the impression of eating  ‘Swedish Berries’. It is easy to enjoy and leaves you wanting more.

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