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The Bouchon Family Vineyard started as a dream but eventually became a reality when Emile Bouchon moved from just outside of France, to Chile. A century and a half later, the vineyard is continuing to grow and the family legacy has been keeping the dream alive.

The 2021 Bouchon Reserva Chardonnay pours a light gold color and is fermented in stainless steel tanks, thus leaving it with no oak influence. It is light and crisp, with notes of sea salt that balance the acidity. The palate presents notes of fresh pineapple and lemon grass, as well as a playful flavor of marshmallow bananas which rounds the mouth.This fresh chardonnay pairs well with many seafood dishes, with my personal favorite pairing being haddock tacos with a fresh mango salsa on top. If you are a fan of the typical buttery chardonnay that many Chilean vineyards make, give this fresh and bright chardonnay a go!

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