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Matt Hodgson

Retail Supervisor

Matt is a Red Seal Chef, Certified Beer Server – First Level Cicerone, and was awarded the Edinburgh Whisky Academy – Certificate in Scotch Whisky, and Certificate in Gin. After many years working in kitchens throughout the Atlantic provinces, Matt joined Bishop’s Cellar in 2020. An avid beer drinker, Matt has recently grown an interest in all things Scotch whisky.

Favourite grape or wine region?

Cabernet Franc (Belgian beers and IPAs).

What song would you pick for karaoke?

Kiss from a Rose by Seal.

Are you a dog or cat person? Or maybe neither. Maybe you have birds or turtles or an ant farm?

Dog person who has owned a turtle.

Matt Hodgson's Picks

“Ramping up for Summer!”

What am I stocking up on this summer? Well thanks to Lucas, we’ve got a plethora of new German beers to choose from. While there’s no wrong choice between the 4, so far I’ve found myself reaching for the wheat beer the most.

Pouring with gorgeous haze and a thick frothy head. Der Weizen drinks with the perfect balance of banana and cloves. Adding to the easy drinking nature of it, Tillman’s dry-hops their beer with American hops, giving you that nice little citrus freshness.

I love a good wheat beer, they always seem to find a way into my staff picks. So naturally I think Der Weizen is not just the wheat beer of the summer, but it might just be the beer of the summer.

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