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Lucas Mader

Beer Specialist

A self-proclaimed beer nerd, Lucas is one of our go-to beer lovers on staff. He loves trying new wine, beer and spirits from regions around the world to see how styles change from place to place. He says working in this industry is like “history class and sightseeing, all in a glass”. He’ll expertly pour your growler fills and ask all the right questions to help you find the best styles for your taste.

In his free time, Lucas is passionate about music (he plays the drums), cooking, and enjoying the great outdoors- whether it is from the back of his motorcycle or camping in the backwoods.

Certifications: Lucas is a Certified Cicerone and BJCP Recognized Judge.

He has also been studying wine through WSET, recently completing Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 Awards in Wine.

Lucas Mader's Picks

I’ve always enjoyed the ciders that are produced by Boars Back. The cidery is located just outside of Kingston, NS and they focus almost exclusively on barrel fermented and barrel aged ciders. They make ciders using select apple varieties from all over the Annapolis Valley, usually from small growers. The Appleachian is one of the cider house’s core offerings, fermented slowly in oak barrels over the winter with Annapolis grown apples. It is bone dry, as in zero grams of sugar! Hints of orchard blossom, savoury broth, and baked apple with caramel sauce on the nose carries on to a textured palate of red apple skin and a finish of freshly sliced apples. This cider, when enjoyed at the right temperature, has the same textural and flavour profile of a fine Chenin Blanc wine. It is best served just chilled, and not cold, for best results. I think Boars Back is making some of the finest cider in the province, and you shouldn’t miss out on it. Grab a large chunk of soft rind cheese, maybe some local honey, and go to town!

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