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Stefan Nielsen

Customer Service Sales Associate

Stefan is a CAPS Certified Sommelier, Certified Specialist of Wine from the Society of Wine Educators, Certified Italian Wine Specialist with the North American Sommelier Association, and has received WSET Level 3 as well as a Diploma in Cool Climate Winemaking and Viticulture from NSCC in Kentville. After many years in the restaurant industry, Stefan joined our team in 2020 and brings a wealth of wine knowledge especially when it comes to low intervention and natural wines. 

Favourite grape or wine region?

Favourite grape: Nebbiolo
Favourite region: Brda, Slovenia

Coffee or tea; what wakes you up in the morning? And how do you take it?

I like my coffee like I like my metal. BLACK.

Share with us something personal; what is your favourite book, movie or song?

The Princess Bride!

Stefan Nielsen's Picks

“This is the best wine I’ve ever tasted.” – My girlfriend, who typically doesn’t like white wine. This wine is a stunner. I could go on and on about the organic fruit, low sulfur additions, natural clarification and filtration, Austrian oak barrels…but that can get boring.

What you need to know is that this wine is easily one of the best value Chardonnays on the market and drinks FAR beyond its price point. This is seriously delicious stuff and I cannot recommend it enough. If you’re the type that tries to avoid Chardonnay, this could very well be the wine to win you back to the light side. 

Suggested pairing: drink this wine with popcorn while watching Terminator 2. Trust me on this one.

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