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Customer Service Sales Associate, Sommelier

Genny recently graduated as a CAPS Certified Sommelier and completed the Certified Beer Server course. Genny started with Bishop’s Cellar in 2020 after working with the team at Benjamin Bridge in the Gaspereau Valley.

Favourite grape or wine region?

I think I honestly and truly like just about everything. But if I had to choose my favourite region I’d probably say Tuscany. Or Alsace. Or the Loire Valley. Or Burgundy.

Share something personal; what’s your favourite book, movie, and/or song?

I really like zombie media. Movies, books, video games, you name it.

What song would you pick for karaoke?

I Believe In A Thing Called Love by The Darkness.

Genny's Picks

End of Summer Picks

I have been sipping on these all summer as my ultimate crisp, light, go-to beer. I love a small can, I love a low-alcohol option and the mixed pack offers some flavour variety. These taste great, the citrus drinks super fresh and they’re perfect for winding down the summer. Get these while you can!

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