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Customer Service Sales Associate

Daniela is currently a student of the Cool Climate Wine and Viticulture program at NSCC in Kentville; with a background in Gastronomy, graduated as a chef, and took enology classes at university in Colombia. Joining our team at Bishop’s Cellar in 2022, Daniela brings experience from both the food and wine world.

Favourite grape or wine region?

Nero D’Avola.

If you weren’t selling wine at Bishop’s Cellar, what would you be doing? 

I would be working at the Agriculture Canada research station as a grape researcher (or at least would like to!).

Anything else you want to add?

Cheesecakes are my specialty, I love vintage movies (1920s to 1950s, B&W!), I like playing board games.

Daniela's Picks

Favourite Fast Food Pairing: Colombian Empanadas

Colombian empanadas are a type of yellow corn dough fritter with different fillings: meat, potatoes, cheese, or a combination! Pair them with the Southbound IPA- In the past, you could not have paid me to drink an IPA, but after Matt H. introduced me to the New England style ones, I am happily a part of the IPA cult now! (I think I hear Matt chanting “one of us” in the back). Tropical, ripe white grape and sweet orange zest notes, with a light floral touch and just a slight passion fruit sourness in the finish.

Interested in trying empanadas out? You can buy the frozen version at the Parce store in Dartmouth, so you can fry ‘em up at home and enjoy them with a refreshing glass of this delicious beer.

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