Tanqueray No. Ten (750ml)

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    Gin Learn More

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    Distilled Gin

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    Cameron Bridge

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    Gin and Tonic

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    Double Rocks

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Tanqueray has led the way in the gin category for nearly 200 years with an unshakeable attention to quality. It all started in 1830 when Charles Tanqueray set up his Vine Street distillery in Bloomsbury in London and started to experiment with the world’s finest botanicals – creating over 300 recipes in the process. The result was Charles’ extraordinary Tanqueray London Dry recipe which has helped define the standard for all London Dry Gins ever since. Affectionately named after the still it is made in.

Tasting Notes

This premium gin bursts with fresh grapefruit, lemon, lime, and racy herbal notes on both the nose and the palate. It has a thick yet fresh texture and is every bit as complex as it is rich. This is a great gin that needs very little to let it shine. You can mix it in cocktails if you like, or simply enjoy after a meal as a digestif.


Using the base botanicals found in Tanqueray London Dry Gin, Tanqueray Ten adds an additional four botanicals to bring forth more citrus. What sets this gin apart from other citrus driven gins, is that Tanqueray uses whole fruits and not just dried citrus peels which is what is typically seen.

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