Normindia Gin (700ml)

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At the early part of the 20th century, after spending months discovering new flavors while travelling around India, Pierre, the third generation of Domaine du Coquerel family, returned to business school but couldn’t forget the unqiue flavours and experiences he had while travelling.  After years of working in France and in the United States where he explored hundreds of different spirits he fell in love with the versatile canvas that is gin.

He later joined the family distillery producing Calvados, Pommeau and Cidre but he was still thinking about the exotic flavours of his travels and his desire to produce a gin. In 1937 the family began developing their own signature gin and found inspiration in an old family book dated from 1765 called “La Chymie du Goût et de l’Odorat” containing a recipe for a juniper distillate which was loved by Louis XV – King of France. By fusing the experiences from his travels with his family’s rich history in distilling, Pierre had created a truly one of a kind gin: Normindia.

Tasting Notes

Normindia is a refreshing take on contemporary gin with subtle woodsy juniper, fragrant lily and zesty citrus but also exciting and unfamiliar notes of spicy ginger, toasty clove, and crisp green apple. The texture is seamless and silky with a gentle refreshing finish that is just as pleasant to sip as to mix with. A must try for any gin fan.


Gin Normindia is entirely produced at the Coquerel estate by a series of macerations between 4 to 12 days in stainless steel vats before being distilled in their smallest capacity copper Calvados still. There are a total of 15 botanicals, including apple, orange, cinnamon, juniper, lily, clove, ginger and coriander.

Our Thoughts

Nose: Freshly cut up green apples, mandarins, and ginger. The tiniest bit of juniper with some sweet tarts. Honestly, this gin smells like you’re sitting on top of a mountain next to a river surrounded by flowers.
Palate: Soft, dry but with nice, delicate fruit. Green apple slices covered with whipped cream on the finish. I am admittedly not a huge London Dry fan, so I typically use this in place of it when a recipe calls for it.

Kate Fraser Retail Supervisor, Spirits Specialist
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