NS Spirit Co Willing to Learn Gin 1.14L

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    Nova Scotia

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NS Spirit Co. was born out of a desire to celebrate Nova Scotia: it’s people, it’s places, and its flavours. Their goal is to provide premium quality spirits to everyone in Nova Scotia at a price that anyone can afford to enjoy. Each product pays homage to the hard-working but warm people of Nova Scotia and the local job ad that inspired their branding:

“Local lobster fisherman from Ballantyne’s Cove, Antigonish Co. is interested in hiring a helper for the summer. Basic requirement: sober, alert & willing to learn”

Tasting Notes

Willing To Learn Gin is well-balanced combination of floral and herbaceous juniper, savoury botanicals, and crisp and refreshing citrus notes of orange zest and fresh lime. This all-rounder profile makes it extremely versatile both suitable for sipping in martinis but excellent in cocktails as well.


Blue Lobster Vodka is made using 100% grain for its mash which in addition to its charcoal filtering leads to an incredibly refined and neutral-tasting vodka bottled at 40% alcohol by volume.

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