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Situated in a town called La Miel near the Andes in Venezuela, Distilerias Unidas produces a variety of distillates but is certainly best-known internationally for their phenomenal rum. Ron Diplomatico Exclusiva has become something of a standard-bearer for modern Venezuelan rum as it is one of the most awarded rums in the world and frequently tops both tasting panels and consumer reviews. Diplomatico is made entirely from molasses and sugar cane honey from local sugar processing plants and has a much higher concentration of sugar than most rum producers have available to them. The result is an exceptionally rich and sweet rum that never fails to turn heads.

Tasting Notes

Diplomatico Exclusiva has a rich mahogany colour and obvious viscosity in the glass. The nose immediately presents butterscotch, fruit cake, candied ginger, cinnamon and clove. The palate develops with baked bananas, fudge sauce, and chewy toffee alongside vanillan oak and a touch of syrupy gingerbread. The finish is long, rich, warming and sweet with no rough edges. This is a rum I would definitely skip the mix with.


Ron Diplomatico Exclusiva is made using a combination of local molasses and sugar cane honey which it ferments for around 48 hours prior to distillation for maximum flavour. Distilerias Unidas uses column stills for the first distillation and then short copper pot stills for the second distillation to enhance body and texture. The finished distillate is then aged in ex-bourbon barrels (though apparently they’re experimenting with some sherry barrels as well) for up to 12 years before being blended and bottled at 40% alcohol by volume.

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  1. 5

    One of the best deals in Rum anywhere. Super smooth, no bite … competes with all rums at twice the price. Few if any come close … you would never be disappointed in Diplomatico Reserva !!

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  3. 5

    incredibly smooth on ice, nice pallet and flavor for the price recommend any day

  4. 5

    Exceptional flavor and smoothness, on ice or straight up. Better than most rums I have purchased in the $75-$100 range. Makes me curious about other Venezuela rums.

  5. 5

    Every rum has three stages. The first is the taste as it passes over the lips. The second is the burn it has in your throat leaving the third stage … the flavor that lingers.
    This rum has a nice smooth taste with a mild and gentle burn followed with a crisp, but full flavor of fruit and caramel.
    This is one of the best sipping rums that can be purchased in Nova Scotia. A higher price than most other rums, but worth it.

  6. 5

    This Rum is exceptional. Go get a bottle and enjoy. In a glass by itself, or with an ice cube.

  7. 5

    The best rum in the world. Five stars… From Venezuela to the world.

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