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Soju is a very popular spirit sold in Korea that is traditionally made by distilling rice and other cereal grains. However, since the 1960s to alleviate rice shortages, most soju has been produced by diluting high strength neutral alcohol from distilled sweet potatoes or tapioca.

One of the most trendy brands in South Korea, Chum Churum (which translates as “like the first tme”) is popular because of the added alkaline water, higher sweetness, and relatively lower alcohol content. This smoother and softer profile has been extremely successful and is especially popular among younger drinkers in South Korea.

Tasting Notes

Chum churum mango is a light refreshing alternative to flavoured vodkas with subtle sweetness and a pronounced mango flavour. 


Soju is made by distilling alcohol from fermented grains. Traditionally made with rice, Soju can also be made from any combination of sweet potato, barley, wheat, or tapioca. After the base wine ferments for about 15 days or so, its distilled by boiling the filtered, mature base wine in a sot (or gamasot, a large, heavy cauldron or pot common in Korean cooking) that’s topped with a soju gori- a tall distilling pipe. Chum Churum Mango Soju is made by diluting the full strength soju with alkaline water and adding mango flavour.

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