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When in Rhone

Working in the wine business has many perks and international travel is one of them. Our team here at Bishop’s Cellar regularly travel to some pretty amazing places in our quest to establish new contacts, keep up with current market trends, and cultivate relationships with existing suppliers. We attend international wine shows so our crew can cover a lot of the global wine industry in just a couple of days and nothing beats a visit to the vineyards and wineries of our suppliers. This week we have Caroline, Jason MacPhee and Kathryn on their way to ProWein in Dusseldorf and they’ve made a stop in the stunning Rhone Valley.

Attending wine shows is important in our wine buying process, but the most fruitful and everlasting experiences are often the trips to the growing regions themselves. There is nothing quite like standing in a vineyard where the vines grow and actually noting the differences in soil types and seeing how these differences play out in the development of the vine, grapes and eventually the wines. It is pretty cool to head into the winery or in some cases, even the homes of vignerons and winemakers to taste the results of their dedication. Bishop’s Cellar’s customers will reap the benefits from my colleagues’ trip to the Rhone Valley for it means that new wines will eventually grace our shelves plus the Bishop’s team will have even more hands on knowledge to share with the rest of us! Don’t be afraid to ask them questions and try new wines from this historically important region.

In the meantime, check out our education section on the Rhone Valley to learn more about this varied wine region known for making full-bodied spicy reds from Syrah and unctuous whites from the aromatic Viognier grape in the north.  Go south for round, fruity, herbal and even earthy blends from Grenache, Syrah and Mourvedre plus a whole slew of other grapes.

With such a broad portfolio of wine styles and price points, no wonder wines from this region have garnered so much attention at Bishop’s  Cellar.  The full-bodied reds pair well with hearty meals in the winter and great for summer barbecues.  The white wines taste delicious with seafood, poultry and even lighter, sweetly spiced dishes.  Finally, with spring just around the corner I can’t wait to turn my attention to rose- I’ve already put in my order for some Tavel, the Rhone appellation dedicated to producing only rose.




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