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Ask a Pro: Is Beaujolais the region or the grape?

A: Beaujolais is region of France that’s tucked between Burgundy to the north and Rhône to the south. The area is covered with rolling hills and broad plains, where roughly 2500 winegrowers craft fun, food-friendly wines that are enjoyed throughout France and the rest of the world.

While the Beaujolais region produces all types of wines, the majority are red wines made from Gamay Noir. This is a very old grape, a cross between Pinot Noir and Gouais, that’s been grown in Beaujolais since the 17th century. The vines are vigorous and adaptable, they produce lots of fruit that matures early.

Most wines made in Beaujolais from Gamay Noir are low in alcohol, fruit-forward, and incredibly versatile. Some Gamay grapes in Beaujolais are harvested and fermented quickly to be  released for sale on the famous Beaujolais Nouveau Day on the third Thursday of November. However, with quality grape growing and light oak ageing, Gamay can also produce a richer style of wine- you’ll find this especially in the 10 Cru areas of Beaujolais, like Moulin à Vent and Morgon.

Overall, though, wines from the Beaujolais region are super aromatic, loaded with great aromas of wild strawberry, blackberry and black cherry, as well as lovely floral and peppery notes. End of summer in a bottle!

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Image description: Bright red wine comes through a filter used for winemaking.


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