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Construction vs Preservation: A Wine Tasting That Explores The Traditional & The Modern

Oct 6, 2017 5:00pm - 7:00pm

Photopolis: The Halifax Festival of Photography has returned. For the month of October, we’ll become an inpromptu gallery for local artist (and devoted customer!) Harold Klee and his latest exibition: Delphian Constructs: “Abstractions of Halifax landmarks address the dichotomy between new construction and preservation.”

Naturally, this got us thinking about wine! All over the world, in almost every winemaking area, there is a similar friction between traditional producers and modernists. From hand harvesting vs machine harvesting or basket press vs pneumatic presses, it seems there isn’t just one way to make wine.

Join us we explore construction and preservation, both through Harold’s Halifax-focused art and by tasting traditional and modern winemaking styles from regions and producers asking themselves similar questions.

More about the Photopolis Exibit

From the artist: “These abstract images of Halifax landmarks accentuate the feelings of ambiguity many have towards the construction here. Progress is inevitable. Many heritage buildings have been completely erased from the city scape. But sometimes, new buildings incorporate historical styles or original facades. Look carefully. Like the buildings in my photographs, the past can still be seen.” 


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