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Discover France- SOLD OUT

Jul 5, 2019 5:00pm - 7:00pm

For centuries France has been a hub of viticulture and wine winemaking. The French can be credited for creating theappellation wine law; this model has been implemented in many winemaking regions throughout Europe (and the rest of the world) as a way to ensure quality by setting standards in the vineyard, winemaking and labelling of wines.

France is also home to a variety of climates and geography. This broad range of conditions allows for numerous styles of wines to be produced, ranging from the crisp, refined sparkling wines of the Champagne region to big, bold, complex Bordeaux red blends.

One could explore almost every style of wine, without leaving the country of France. Join us as we try our best and taste through several regions of France. Our friend Brady from Bird’s Nest Cafe will cater.


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