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Cardamaro is not an Italian  cardamom based amaro as the name may suggest.  Sorry to disappoint all you cardamom lovers out there!  It is a wine-based aperitif, infused with two artichoke relatives; cardoon and blessed thistle, then aged in oak.  It has the richness and weight of sweet vermouth with a slight herbal bitterness. It tastes like a lighter, more drinkable version of the artichoke-based Cynar.  

Sip Cardamaro straight or on the rocks, or incorporate it into cocktails. 

Tasting Notes

Intense herbal nose with notes of pine, liquorice, wormword, ginger and walnut.  The palate is rich with Sherry-like flavours and balanced by herbal complexity, quince, quinine, light spice and tobacco.  Reminiscent of sweet vermouth, amaro and Oloroso sherry meet Madeira note.  At once complex and quaffable.    


An amaro based on Piemontese Moscato grapes, infused with botanicals, mostly Cardoon of the artichoke family and aged for six months in oak.  17% abv.  

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