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Staff Picks

photo of staff member Jason MacPhee

Jason MacPhee

Wine Category Manager

Favourite Fast Food Pairing: Szechuan Restaurant, Szechuan Noodles

Le Morette is a renowned Italian winery nestled in the heart of the Lugana wine region, south of Lake Garda. The Third generation Paolo and Fabio Zenato lead Le Morette with a dedication to quality and sustainability. Le Morette Serai is a white blend (Mainly Trebbiano) focused on aromatics and freshness on the palate. The smooth texture contributes to a pleasant mouthfeel, with a subtle silkiness that enhances its drinkability. Along with a hint of sweetness this wine will pair brilliantly with any food that has some heat. If you ever find yourself in Mill Cove Bedford stop into Szechuan Restaurant and have Serai Bianco with their Szechuan noodles.

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photo of staff member Lucas Mader

Lucas Mader

Category Manager for Beer, Refreshment, & Spirits, Cicerone

Favourite Fast Food Pairing: Arby’s, Roast Beef Sandwich

Since I’m born and raised in the South Shore, I guess the burden falls on me to represent and defend the last remaining Arby’s in the province. Going there as a kid, I’d always got the chicken strips and curly fries, but now on the rare occasion I’m in Bridgewater at lunchtime I’m grabbing a roast beef sammy. And since none of my coworkers wanted to give a little love to one of my favourite grapes – Cabernet Franc – then I guess I’ve gotta bear that cross as well.

Pascal Lambert Chinon (the grape is Cab Franc) serves up an assortment of fresh and crunchy red fruits along with a host of elegant herbal notes, a little spice, and clean bright acidity. It can be served slightly chilled (as can many of your favourite reds) and it pairs very well with food – like the Arby’s Roast Beef sandwich. The interplay of roast beef meatiness, sesame bun, and that tangy horsey sauce is like a perfect Tetris fit with Chinon’s fresh and spicy flavours, and thanks to the wines punchy acidity it’s all washed away and resetted for that next bite. Chinon can also totally hang out with those curly fries, too.

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Kathryn Harding

Director of Customer Experience, Sommelier

Picks to Share with Someone Special

I love PINOT NOIR, particularly the French variations, yet I am always on the lookout for something delicious from other parts of the globe. The great thing about a good Californian Pinot is its fruit-forward profile.  Unlike the cooler wine-growing regions, it boasts an abundance of cherry, plum, and raspberry notes that seamlessly leap from the glass as a result of the long sunny growing season. This pinot was medium-bodied, lush, velvety and smooth, and it didn’t require deep thought to enjoy. A great fruit-forward new-world pinot noir that isn’t trying to be anything more than a great Pinot Noir.

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Alanna McIntyre

Product Specialist, Sommelier

Favourite Fast Food Pairing: Brother’s Sausage

If you’re looking to class up this fast food equivalent of the ubiquitous charcuterie board, pair it with a bottle of Bardolino. Bardolino is a winemaking area in western Veneto around Lake Garda; the wines are made from the same permitted grapes as the more familiar wines of Valpolicella and Le Morette Bardolino Classico is a textbook example. You’ll get pronounced red fruit, floral and spice on the nose, the palate is light to medium bodied, dry, with good concentration and texture, soft tannins, juicy acidity and tons of fruit; think ripe cherries, field berries and some pink grapefruit. The aromatic intensity, fruit and fresh acidity counters the particular intensity of Brother’s pepperoni and perfectly cleanses the palate after each sip. Serve slightly chilled.
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Gaby McCotter

Retail Manager

Favourite Fast Food Pairing: King of Donair

Pairing wine with a donair, a delicious and savoury dish, can be a bit of a challenge due to its combination of flavours, including spiced meat, vegetables, and creamy sauce. However, a Grenache-based rose might do the trick. A crisp, fruity, and slightly dry rose made from a blend of grapes can be a good match for a donair. The bright acidity and fruitiness of the wine complement the savoury and slightly spicy flavours of the meat, while the refreshing character of the rose helps cut through the richness of the sauce.
After all we are in Nova Scotia and well donairs are a popular fast food- with spring coming it’s time to drink roses!

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Ryan Almeida

eCommerce Manager

Favourite Fast Food Pairing: Popeye’s, Spicy Deluxe Chicken Sandwich

Regardless of where you live in the HRM, you can always fire up Uber Eats and place an order for Popeye’s Spicy Deluxe Chicken Sandwich; the light and crispy battered chicken with just the right amount of heat (because I’m a baby apparently and get the hiccups when I eat spicy food) pairs well with just about any carbonated beverage but why not do it right and grab a few cans of Tatamagouche’s Pausa Pranzo Italian Pils? These short cans pack a punch of bitter, hoppy goodness and stand up well to the fried chicken and spice. Add on some cajun fries and a biscuit or two and you’ll be all set.

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Kate Fraser

Retail Supervisor, Spirits Specialist

Favourite Fast Food Pairing: McDonald’s, Double Cheese Burger + Fries

This is an insanely delicious wine and has remained consistently great throughout the years. I am notoriously particular about my sparkling wine choices and what I love most about this wine is the bubbles. Perfectly balanced with ripe green apples and crisp acidity, the bubbles are soft, full and mousse-y. What makes a cremant a great food pairing with a McDonald’s double cheeseburger and fries is that it will wipe your mouth clean (or in fancier wine terms, “cleanse your palate”) of the grease and salt.

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Stefan Nielsen

Retail Supervisor, Sommelier

Favourite Fast Food Pairing: McDonalds, 2 x McDoubles

Salut! J’ai une proposition pour toi: “Un Bon Petit Rouge avec Deux Bon Petit Burgers.” You probably don’t need to be bilingual to understand this pairing. Entre Copains (literally, “between friends”) is a collective of like-minded and collaborative producers in France’s Cotes Catalanes. This juicy blend of Carignan and Grenache is savoury and peppery and just begging to be paired with McDonald’s best value baby burgers and shared with a group of friends. Balanced acidity refreshes the palate and primes your taste buds for Burger #2 – because, let’s be real here: one burger is never enough.

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Matt Hodgson

Retail Supervisor

Favourite Fast Food Pairing: Wendy’s, Spicy Chicken Sandwich

Fried chicken and beer, need I say more? According to Ryan; yes, yes I do. 

When it comes to food pairings it doesn’t get much more classic than fried chicken and beer. For a classic pairing stick with the classic choices; Roman Candle and Wendy’s Spicy chicken. 

Bellwoods has been slinging out some of Canada’s best brews since 2012. Roman Candle was actually their first IPA. The perfect balance of dank and juicy fruit. Rocan is a big reason we should all be saying east coast IPA and not just New England IPA. 

A hoppy IPA like Rocan will actually intensify the heat, so make sure to keep that in mind if you’re eating something a little spicier. For the spicy chicken I find it helps dial up the deliciousness.

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Customer Service Sales Associate, Sommelier

Favourite Fast Food Pairing: Tawa Grill, Butter Chicken Poutine

The staff at Bishop’s Cellar has long depended on Tawa Grill across the street in the Brewery Market for delicious and affordable Indian food on many a night shift. My personal favourite hidden gem on their menu is butter chicken poutine: fries smothered in rich butter chicken and topped with melty paneer. As the top selling beer in India, the crisp, clean flavours of Kingfisher lager is the perfect counterbalance to our flavour-packed Tawa favourites.

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Customer Service Sales Associate

Favourite Fast Food Pairing: Chungchun, Rice Hotdog

Do you know that Soju is one of the world’s most popular spirits? If you haven’t tried one I highly recommend it. Historically made from rice, and smoother than your typical spirit. I personally prefer the mango flavour, but pick up whichever one intrigues your palate. Feel free to take it a step further and pair it with a Korean Rice Hotdog from Chungchun. It makes the corndog look pedestrian by comparison. My go-to is the squid ink cheese dog with sweet chili, spicy mayo, and coated in ramen chips. Gather some friends and celebrate for the fun of it!


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Customer Service Sales Associate

Favourite Fast Food Pairing: Colombian Empanadas

Colombian empanadas are a type of yellow corn dough fritter with different fillings: meat, potatoes, cheese, or a combination! Pair them with the Southbound IPA- In the past, you could not have paid me to drink an IPA, but after Matt H. introduced me to the New England style ones, I am happily a part of the IPA cult now! (I think I hear Matt chanting “one of us” in the back). Tropical, ripe white grape and sweet orange zest notes, with a light floral touch and just a slight passion fruit sourness in the finish.

Interested in trying empanadas out? You can buy the frozen version at the Parce store in Dartmouth, so you can fry ‘em up at home and enjoy them with a refreshing glass of this delicious beer.

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Allie Barter

Customer Service Sales Associate

Picks to Share with Someone Special

This sparkling rose will tickle your taste buds while keeping your wallet happy. My typical Valentine’s Day consists of good wine and even better people to share it with. Veuve Olivier’s rose bubbles are smooth and velvety while featuring juicy flavors of strawberry and cherries. The palate is bright and lively but it is also delicate at the same time which is why it is so well loved among my friend group. I will be serving the sparkling rose alongside chocolate covered strawberries and a cheesy rom-com. I insist you try the same!

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Customer Service Sales Associate

Favourite Fast Food Pairing: Pizza Hut, Supreme Pizza

You know how all airports feel the same? There’s this odd and destabilizing aspect of postmodernity where so many things have been modularized, everything is the same wherever you go. You’re in a new place and feel homesick? Weirdly, you can rely on fast food to take you home, like that scene in Ratatouille.
I didn’t like Pizza Hut until I came here, go figure.
Stema Pinot Noir, a newer addition to the cellar, is my go to pairing with a Supreme pizza. Fresh, fruit-forward, but with enough tannins to combat the grease laden crust, this classic medley of mushrooms, meats, and peppers on a sweet bed of tomato sauce have never tasted better!

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Customer Service Sales Associate

Favourite Fast Food Pairing: Costco, Hotdog

In my opinion nothings better after a long and stressful trek through Costco than getting a hotdog when it’s over. And what could possibly make the best thing ever even better? A drink. Ditch the flimsy paper straw and that fountain soda in favour of this RTD. Ready to drink and ready waiting for you in your fridge at home. It’s not too sweet and the right amount of everything for me. Gin, juicy blackberries, lemon and a little elderflower, nothing more to add when this drink and its pairing speak for itself.

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Favourite Fast Food Pairing: Mezza, Tabouli Salad

Have you wondered what to pair with a Mediterranean dish like tabouli? This can be challenging with its high acidity from raw onions, diced tomatoes and lemon juice. I recommend the LIVON Sauvignon Blanc from Northeastern Italy.
Like a classic Sauvignon Blanc, it is dry but very aromatic. Expect peach and honeydew and cut grass on the nose and flavours of gooseberries, and arugula. When paired together, the intensity from the salad and the bitterness in the wine complement each other, leaving you with grapefruit, mango and lychee notes.

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Ireland McDonald

Customer Service Sales Associate

Favourite Fast Food Pairing: Vero Pizzeria

Meet Santa Tresa Frappato—an elegant wine that pairs perfectly with pizza! Its light cherry colour and fresh bouquet of wild strawberries set the stage. Smooth fruit, a hint of pepper, and baking spice create a balanced palate with surprising freshness. Serve it slightly chilled for a refreshing kick that will boost your food pairing harmonies. Whether it’s Vero Pizza, a family favourite, or other meals, this wine is both flavorful and wallet-friendly. Its versatility shines, enhancing the flavours of dough, sauce, and whatever toppings your heart desires (unlimited at Vero!) Elevate your pizza nights with Santa Tresa Frappato—a symphony of freshness and flavour in every sip!

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Erica Priolo

Customer Service Sales Associate

Favourite Fast Food Pairing: Five Guys

Taking inspiration from the dry taste of sake, Asahi is the perfect clean and crisp beer to pair with a big sloppy order of Five Guys. Asahi Breweries Limited was founded in Tokyo on March 17th 1987 with a goal to make a beer like no other. Their beer is made with the addition of corn and rice, adding fermentable sugars while preserving its subtle flavour. Asahi is light, crisp and dry with a quick refreshing finish. Having such a clean finish, it prepares your palette for that next bite of burger and another mouthful of fries. Asahi is an international staple, and a number one seller in Japan. When I want a break from cooking, I indulge in five guys, and treat myself to Asahi.

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