Iron Rock Brewing – Lawn Sweeper Cream Ale (473ml)

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    Ale Learn More

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    Gold Beer

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    Cream Ale

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    Labrador City

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Iron Rock Brewing Co.’s first spikes were driven in 2018 by Brian and Dave Hurley, two brothers with deep mining roots and a passion for great beer. The brewery’s story is about building with family and sharing with community in a place where both are key to survival. They decided to take a chance on a small business in Labrador West; that’s the start of the story. However, the company wouldn’t be where it is today without their dedicated staff, generous friends, and devoted customers. Brian & Dave strive to live up to their expectations.

Bishop’s Cellar is very happy to introduce the very first (we think) Labrador Craft beer to Nova Scotia!

Tasting Notes

Cream Ales are a light and inoffensive beer that is similar to a pale lager. This refreshing ale is brewed with a touch of corn and rice to provide an enjoyable crisp finish. As warmer days creep in, fleets of lawn sweepers are awakened, finally declaring a brief reprieve from Labrador’s lingering winters.


The American Cream Ale is very much like a German Kolsch – a light golden ale that is lagered at cold temperatures to ensure a crisp, refreshing, “lager-like” beer. Cream Ales typically use American hop varieties, this will lend notes of lemon, herbs, and some floral notes. The texture is often smooth, balanced, and always refreshing.

As traditional road salting methods are futile in the face of -40°C temperatures, sand is applied throughout the winter to improve traction on roadways. The winter’s accumulation of sand ends up deposited on the property of residents and businesses. Lawn Sweepers emerge en masse in the spring, moving clouds of sand to restore the beauty of local properties and mark the warmer days ahead. After the spring cleaning is complete, many enjoy our crisp Lawn Sweeper Cream Ale to cool down and bask in the spring sun.

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