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Summer Sippers: Craft Beer, Wine and Spirits for Any Occasion

Despite this past week’s wet and dreary weather, summer is far from over.  Here in the Maritimes, the sun really shines in August and we are sure to keep on grilling and enjoying our back decks well into September.

Here are a few of my favourite warm weather wines along with some sessionable beers that can be fully enjoyed alongside summer fare and patio parties.  

Ciders and beers for boaters and poolside entertainers

Cans over bottles are always prefered for waterside entertaining and, thankfully, you can find some decent stuff in cans now. I have recently started to drink more cider and currently loving Brickworks Ciderhouse out of Ontario; low alcohol and a refreshing crispness make an ideal warm weather drink. Dry ciders are surprisingly delicious with oysters and other seafood if you are looking for a casual but winning food and drink pairing.  Another summertime, non-wine favourite of mine is Evil Twin’s infinitely summery Sunshine Slacker.  This beer is also light on alcohol at 4.5%, but big on tropical and summery fruit flavours making it a great thirst quencher.

Crisp and clean white wines and dry roses for light lunches

If you can’t be in Southern France, why not at least drink like you are this summer? Calmel and Joseph’s Picpoul de Pinet is delicious with seafood or a simple green salad with goat cheese. With a chicken salad or a plate of prosciutto and melon, you can’t go wrong with a Mediterranean rose like this organic one from our Kermit Lynch portfolio.

Big bold reds and smoky beers for bbq

Nothing says summer like the smell of meat or veggie burgers sizzling on the barbecue.  There have been times I’ve wanted to invite myself over to my neighbour’s house for supper when the scent of their evening meal on the grill wafts over my fence. For smoked or grilled meats, I love hitting the full flavours with an equally robust and smoky wine or beer.  Malbec is a go-to-choice for many but why not branch out and try some of the great offerings from South Africa such as the Cabernet Franc-dominated Marvelous Blue or one of the big reds from Graham Beck. Finally, for the hard core beer drinkers out there; Evil Twin’s Ashtray Heart says it all with it’s name; if you like smoke, bring it on!

Cheers to enjoying a few more months of sun, warmth, good food, and great company!


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