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Cider is an alcoholic beverage that comes from the fermentation of unfiltered apple juice. Cider is made around the world in a variety of styles and even thought to be the first alcoholic beverage created and consumed by settlers in North America. Best of all, cider is making a comeback!

The flavour of cider varies and ciders can be classified from dry to sweet. Their appearance ranges from cloudy with sediment to completely clear, and their colour ranges from almost clear to amber to brown. The variations in clarity and colour are mostly due to filtering between pressing and fermentation. Some apple varieties will produce a clear cider without any need for filtration.

Both sparkling and still ciders are made here in Nova Scotia, with a variety of styles available on our shelves such as: Common Cider, English Cider, French Cider, Fruit Ciders, Common Perry, Traditional Perry, and more.


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