Below the Salt Highland Tears Spruce Tip Gin (750ml)

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    Gin Learn More

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    London Dry Gin

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    Nova Scotia

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    NeatWith tonic

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Below The Salt is a distillery located in East Havre Boucher in Antigonish County Nova Scotia.  Captain Gregg Colp and his partner Victoria Piersig craft high quality distillates with local ingredients.  Their products are inspired by and celebrate hard workers whose skilled labour on land and sea provides all with the goods that are often taken for granted.

Tasting Notes

Subtle juniper flavour with underlying earth tones and a knock your socks off finish.  Smooth enough to savour it on its own, but it of course makes a delicious gin & tonic or martini.


Was Spruce the conifer called Annedda or “tree of life” that cured Jacques Cartier’s crew in 1536?   We may never know for sure. We do know that their miraculous recovery is the first documented use of indigenous medicine found to date.  At Below The Salt, nothing says spring quite like the fragrant buds bursting forth on the spruce trees found everywhere on Unama’ki Cape Breton Island.  Lemony and packed full of Vitamin C, this gin infused with locally foraged spruce tips is the perfect antidote to a long cold winter. 

Captain Colp is the master distiller.  His history with spruce tips began as a youngster when he learned how to make root beer, ginger beer, and spruce tip beer.  For this gin he starts with the same base as he uses to make his vodka, then passes the botanicals through the Carter head to create a Plymouth style base.  A final pass with the spruce tips creates a lovely earthiness with hints of citrus. 

Organic, Vegan and made from the finest Nova Scotian floor malt sprouted the old-fashioned way at Horton Ridge in the Annapolis Valley and organic Central American cane sugar.

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