BV Land Triple Sec Liqueur (700ml)

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    Fruit Liqueur

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    Nick and Nora Glass

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Based out of Cataluna, Spain, Beveland distillers produce a wide range of liqueurs in 32 different flavours. Focusing its efforts on a selection of its most premium products, products that have been carefully looked after down to the last detail  to achieve excellent results, even for the most demanding palates. Made from a base of cereal grains, no dye is added into the liqueurs.

Tasting Notes

From the distillery: Bright orange aromas on the nose. In the mouth the liqueur is viscous, with a sweet orange flavour which then reveals some dryness. Long finish, with a bitter orange background and some sweetness coming through at the end.


Triple sec is a French innovation which began as a higher proof, more concentrated blend of three separate distillations of different kinds of orange peels in neutral spirit. Triple sec is usually made from a spirit derived from sugar beet (used because of its neutral flavor) in which orange peel is steeped, the oranges having been harvested when their skin was still green and they had not fully ripened, so the essential oils remained in the skin rather than the flesh of the fruit. The spirit is redistilled and mixed with more neutral spirit, water, and powdered beet sugar resulting in the final liqueur. This process creates a spirit that has a very strong and distinct orange flavor.

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