Campari (750ml)

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Surprisingly, Campari actually pre-dates the unification of Italy as a nation. Gaspare Campari created the secret formula in 1860 in Novara, Italy, and it has remained a mystery since. Campari’s first production facility was opened in 1904 and under the leadership of Gaspare’s son, Davide, Campari spread throughout Europe and the wider world. Campari has become a juggernaut in the drinks business and is sold in over 190 countries and has become an essential cocktail ingredient. Its vibrant red hue is iconic in the beverage industry and was originally coloured with carmine dye made from crushed cochineal insects but was coverted to artificial colouring in 2006.

Tasting Notes

Campari is immediately recognizable from its striking crimson colour. Dried blood orange slices, thyme, grapefruit and lemon zest are obvious up front while brooding bitter citrus and quinine drive the long syrupy finish with just enough sweetness. Campari is lip-smackingly refreshing over ice but is also integral to many iconic cocktails like the Negroni.


Like many Italian bitter liqueurs, Campari’s formula remains a secret. Some ingredients like chinotto and cascarilla are known but the rest remain shrouded in mystery. What we do know is that a combination of ingredients is infused in water and alcohol then blended together, coloured with artificial dyes, and bottled at 28% alcohol by volume. Some aspects of the production like the colouration and bottling strength seem to vary from country to country.

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