Flower Girl Method Ancestrale (750ml)

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    AperitifCharcuterieCold Salads

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    South Africa

Ginny Povall was born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts and began making wine at home as a hobby.  She eventually made her way to South Africa to pursue her passion to make wine on a larger scale and she planted vines on Protea Heights Farm, located in Devon Valley, about 10 minutes outside the center of Stellenbosch.  Back in  the 1940s, this was the first farm in South Africa to grow protea flowers, which is the country’s national flower and Ginny decided to dedicate a fraction of her property to protea cultivation.  The vineyards were freshly planted in 2009 and 2010 and her winery just now coming into steady production and from her inaugural vintage, she has garnered well deserved attention.  She practices sustainable viticulture and minimal intervention throughout the winemaking process.  The Botanica range of wines have as much personality as their vibrant and charming winemaker.     

Tasting Notes

The Method Ancestral is a one of the oldest methods of making sparkling wine.  The primary, alcoholic, fermentation is stopped before it is fully complete and this fermentation continues in bottle and ends when the yeast cells use up the available sugar supply.  It differs from Traditional Method sparkling wine production as there is no tirage (sugar, wine and yeast solution added pre bottling to kick start a secondary fermentation) or dosage (sugar and wine solution added after the yeast has been removed to adjust sweetness and balance acidity).   It is a very natural, minimal interventionist way of making sparkling wine and also very risky as once that semi finished wine is bottled, you don’t really know what you are going to get until the you pop the cap and taste.  

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