Galliano Vanilla (375ml)

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    Herbal Liqueur

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    Galliano Spritz

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To create Galliano, Arturo Vaccari turned to Fratelli Maraschi SPA, a company established in 1888 in Torino.  Today, Fratelli Maraschi is known as Maraschi & Quirici, situated in Chieri, a small town high in the foothills of the Italian Alps, just outside Torino. The location of Maraschi & Quirici is important, not only due to it being where Vaccari first created his liqueur in 1896, but because this is where so many of the herbs and spices used in Galliano grow. Though now residing in a modern factory, the standards of Maraschi & Quirici founders prevail. The distillers are celebrated for the quality of their extracts. To this day, Maraschi & Quirici shapes the essence of the incomparable taste and aroma of Galliano. Galliano is distilled in two small (less than 100 liters) traditional copper pot stills, which Maraschi & Quirici reserve for the production of this Italian spirit.

Tasting Notes

Clear, golden yellow in the glass.  The nose is reminiscent of vanilla and peppermint candy with toffee notes.   Peppermint, creamy vanilla, sweet liquorice and herbal notes.  It finishes with freshly ground black pepper, vanilla, spicy peppermint and a hint of aniseed.  This vanilla version of Galliano has more mass market appeal and is distinctly easier than Galliano L’Authentico while still being a complex liqueur.  It makes a great after dinner drink.


Galliano Vanilla contains the heart of Galliano L’Autentico, including Mediterranean anise, cardamom lavender, peppermint, and cinnamon. However, some prefer the taste of a strong tone of vanilla. Therefore a fragrant vanilla distillate of the highest quality has been added to the Galliano base to create Galliano Vanilla. Galliano Vanilla has a round scent, a sweet vanilla flavor, and a lower ABV (30%). This pronounced aroma in our vanilla liqueur offers versatility in cocktails while retaining Galliano’s unmistakable character.

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  1. 5

    An excellent liqueur. Light, tasty especially with soda water.

  2. 5

    I use Galliano to make Harvey Wallbanger cocktails. Its getting harder and harder to find.

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