Gekkeikan Nigori Sake 300ml (300ml)

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Gekkeikan Nigori is a rough-filtered Junmai-shu. By definition Nigori means ‘cloudy’ and this style of sake is thicker and creamier in texture, with a milk-like appearance. The ‘cloudiness’ comes from the rice sediment which remains in the sake after it has been passed through a special coarse-mesh filter. Characteristically sweet with a creamy medium-body. Hints of honey and tropical fruit aromas and flavors terminate into a long finish.

Gekkeikan’s founder, Jiemon Okura established his sake brewery in the town of Fushimi, a location well-known for its high quality water. Access to the ideal ingredients combined with the location enabled Okura and his successors’ business to thrive. Today, Gekkeikan’s passion for pleasing the sake connoisseur remains unchanged. Dedicated just as the founder was over 370 years ago, both Gekkeikan Japan and Gekkeikan USA continue the tradition of taste and quality.

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