Ironworks Bluenose Dark Rum 750ml (750ml)

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Ironworks is a micro-distillery located in the old port of Lunenburg on Nova Scotia’s historic South Shore. 

Tasting Notes

The Ironworks Rum is light and fresh with bright citrus zest, fresh cut grass, caramel, baked apple, cinnamon and nutmeg. Ironworks rum has depth without the heaviness of longer-aged rums. It is dry and lively, and perfect for a sip on its own, or an ideal mixer for a variety of cocktails. Versatility is the key to this rum’s success.


The Bluenose Dark Rum is produced using all-natural molasses from the Caribbean – imported by the Crosby Molasses Company of Saint John, New Brunswick, which unloaded its first brigantine laden with barrels of the sweet, golden-brown liquid way back in 1879. After weeks of fermentation in the cool cellar of the distillery, the molasses mixture is distilled twice, bringing it up to 160 proof. The Kentucky oak Bourbon barrels are sealed and taken to the cellar to age.

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    We visited the Ironworks Distillery this summer and I asked them for their darkest molassesy rum . They suggested the Bluenose which is exactly that. Alone it is a little edgy on the tongue, but mixed with a cola it gives the drink a pleasant deep rich flavour. As for the light zesty citron – not so much

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    I have yet to find a better tasting dark rum. I drink this one on ice and have now been enjoying the spirit for many years.

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