Luckett Vineyards Phone Box Red (750ml)

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    Nova Scotia

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    Red Wine

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    Pasta DishesPorkRed Meat

From greengrocer to grape grower, Pete Luckett’s hard work, eye for detail and enthusiasm has made him successful in all of his business ventures. It was only natural that Pete plant a vineyard and open a winery on his breathtaking Gaspereau Valley property. Luckett vineyards produces a selection of wines and styles to suit all tastes.

Tasting Notes

Pete Luckett’s signature Red is dialed into the flavours of our finest wines. A masterful blend of Lucy Khulmann (20%), Foch (20%), Leon Millot (20%) and Triomphe (40%), Phone Box Red is aged in New American oak barrels to create robust, well-structured layers of ripe fruit flavours that answer the call of hearty stews, red meats and grilled dishes.

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    It’s a perfect match to spiced lamb

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