Merser & Co Double Barrel Rum (700ml)

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    Rum Learn More

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    Amber Rum

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  • Tasting Notes

    Sweet SpiceToasted OakVanilla

  • Cocktail

    Old Fashioned

  • Glassware

    Rocks Glass

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Merser seeks out the world’s finest rums then blends them in London to bring out their individual characteristics in perfect harmony.

Tasting Notes

From the distillery: A delicious artisanal golden rum bursting with soft woody spice, hints of vanilla and a wonderful toasty oak character.”


Award-winning Merser Double Barrel Rum captures the best rums of the Caribbean, from Barbados, the Dominican Republic and Jamaica aged up to 12 years, which is then blended in the heart of London and left to “marry” in barrels for a further 6 months. Merser Rum is bottled directly from the barrel and has no additional colour or sweetener added to it. Discover this wonderfully versatile rum, either with a mixer, in cocktails or sipped over ice. It is excellent in an Old Fashioned, ideal over ice or on its own.

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