Seol Joong Mae (375ml)

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    Fruit Wine

Seol Joon Mae is is a sweet Korean alcoholic drink made from plum picked in Gwangyang and Suncheon, South Korea.  It is the number one plum wine in Korea.  

Tasting Notes

It has moderate sweet taste and sour taste of the plum which gives mild flavor. It goes well with white meat, seafood and Asian comfort food. It may also be an exquisite dessert wine, typically served chilled.


Plum wine is a fruit wine made by soaking plums in a jar filled with sugar and distilled alcohol. After waiting for a while, the flavours and nutrients leach out of the plums and into the alcohol.

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    This is a delicious, sweet plum wine. If you like Japanese shochu-based umeshu this is the same thing. I’m so glad it’s stocked here; it’s hard to find a good umeshu!

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