Springbank 21 YO Single Malt (700ml)

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Springbank takes pride in producing single malt Scotch made entirely in-house, employing traditional skills that have been passed down from one generation to the next. Produced since 1828, Springbank Single Malts are lightly peated in their kiln and distilled 2.5 times.  No distillery in Scotland is more distinct or authentic than Springbank. They continue to make exceptional whisky by hand in the traditional manner.  Without a doubt Springbank stands out as being the only distillery in Scotland using 100% of their own floor-maltings, fermenting the barley naturally, and distilling with a direct fire element.

Tasting Notes

Springbank 21 Year Old has become something of a legend among whisky lovers and with good reason. It’s a spectacular dram that offers unbelievable complexity.  A familiar coastal influence introduces this malt, with notes of orange rind establishing a citrus influence. Notes of salted caramel, honey and fudge add a sweet touch to the nose.  A creamy, velvety mouthfeel with initial flavours of vanilla and smooth cappuccino, opening up to mahogany wood and maple bacon. The sweetness from the nose follows through in hints of Demerara sugar and caramelised cooking apples.  A long finish, buttery and creamy with hints of dark chocolate and cocoa powder.  


This is the 2021 edition of this rare 21 year old offering from Springbank.  With its warm, golden glow, our 21 year old is inviting, creamy and offers unbelievable complexity. The maritime influence uncovered in this single malt will take you on a journey to its Campbeltown home.  Aged in 35% Sherry, 35% Port, 30% Bourbon.  46% ABV.  Just 3,600 bottles produced. 

Our Thoughts

Nose: Endless aromas that jump out of the glass and hug you. Orange peel, toffee, hazelnuts, cereal grain, fire pit, seaweed on rocks, cured meats, vanilla and burnt sugar.
Palate: Medium to full bodied. Round mouthful with tons of texture. Rum influenced at the front with burnt sugar and molasses.
Finish: Orange citrus and peach compliment the peat smoke that meets you in the middle and is perfectly integrated while it walks you along to the briney, coastal finish.
This Scotch takes you on a wild ride with every sip evolving in your mouth.

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