Suze (750ml)

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    Liqueur Learn More

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    Herbal Liqueur

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  • Cocktail

    White Negroni

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    Double Rocks Glass

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Suze is a pleasingly bitter French apéritif made from the gentian root, which grows in the mountains of Switzerland and France. Its origins are said to date back to 1796, but its documentable history as a brand extends only to 1898. One of the most popular aperitifs in France, its distinct bottle was trademarked in 1913 after being immortalized by Pablo Picasso in his 1912 piece “Verre et bouteille de Suze.”

Tasting Notes

Suze is pleasantly bitter with a soft citrus undertone, balanced sweetness with an overall refreshing lift.  Ideal both for cocktails and for straight sipping as a pre- or post-dinner drink.    


Suze is made by macerating gentian roots in neutral alcohol before being double distilled and blended with herbs and other botanicals that have also been macerated and then aged for 18 months in well seasoned casks. 

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    I have tasted this aperitif with my best friend and her now deceased mom. I would love to have a bottle delivered to Ontario fir my friends birthday in honour of her mom. Is this possible,? Otherwise I will have to travel to Montreal.

    • Hi Sue,

      Thanks for your interest! At this time, we’re unable to ship outside of Nova Scotia but we’re hopeful that’ll change one day soon.


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