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FREE Mezcal Tasting w/ Kate Fraser: A Closer Look at Mezcal

May 25, 2023 2:00pm - 4:00pm

Join our very own Spirits Expert Kate Fraser in store for a FREE Thursday afternoon tasting of our Mezcal portfolio; she’ll be pouring samples from producers Siete Misterios, Koch El, and Tres Papalote. The name Mezcal comes from the Nahuati language mexcalli, meaning ‘oven-cooked agave,’ referring to the process the agave goes through before distillation. Among other characteristics, the process is one of many that separates this spirit from Tequila; stop by and let Kate help you explore the others!

Tasting Lineup:

Siete Misterios Doba-Yej Mezcal
Koch El Espadin Mezcal
Tres Papalote Mezcal


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