Barkeep Cocktails – Espresso Martini (237ml)

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    Nova Scotia

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    Espresso Martini

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Barkeep Cocktails is a beverage company founded by bartenders and longtime friends, Jeffrey Van Horne, Anisa Francoeur, and Matt Boyle. The proud owners of Dear Friend Bar and The Clever Barkeep also have been making cocktails approachable since 2016. Barkeep Cocktails is making craft cocktails with fresh ingredients, the kind you would find in your favourite neighbourhood cocktail bar and making them available for wherever life takes you. Bursting with flavour, nuance and balance, these products are true cocktails made by bartenders. 

Tasting Notes

Indulge in the luxurious flavors and velvety texture of the Espresso Martini. Made with rich and aromatic coffee from Java Blend Coffee Roasters, this cocktail is a true treat for the senses. The bold coffee flavor is perfectly balanced by notes of vanilla, caramel, and salted chocolate, all complemented by premium vodka. With every sip, you’ll experience the perfect harmony of sweet and savory, creating a decadent and sophisticated cocktail indulgence that is hard to resist. 


The Espresso Martini is a classic cocktail enjoyed for many over the course of decades. The Barkeep Cocktails team researched for 18 months, creating the perfect nitrogenated espresso martini in a can that best resembles what you would get straight from a cocktail shaker. They even roasted their own beans with Java Blend, creating a unique roast that would perfectly compliment the sweet and savory elements of the cocktail.  

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  1. (verified owner)


    Have both ordered this for home delivery and also at The Canteen in Dartmouth. Have very much enjoyed it both times and shared with family in Ontario who were also very impressed.

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